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Bulk shipping and receiving assistant

40 hours/week

We are currently looking for a bulk shipping and receiving assistant whose main role is to unload base oils and additives, load finished bulk products into tanker trucks and support other teams in the plant.

Here are the responsibilities in detail:

  • Load and unload bulk products
  • Collect and document samples of bulk products within 24 hours of reception and forward them to the designated person 
  • Monitor the emptying of bulk products stored in tanker cars in order to guarantee their date of return
  • Inspect and maintain railway tracks on company property
  • Maintain loading and unloading areas clean and safe
  • Change pump filters
  • Assist product formulation technician and take over when required
  • Perform daily inspection of exterior tanks and report anomalies to maintenance personnel
  • Perform daily inventory of finished products on the production floor
  • Perform monthly inventory of outdoor tanks and empty totes 
  • Verify tanks and totes after filling for leaks and report them to maintenance personnel
  • Assist production and packaging sectors when required
  • Clear snow from loading and shipping service doors
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Apply now