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Truck driver

40 hours/week

We are currently looking for a Class 1 truck driver whose main role is to deliver our bulk lubricants to our customers.

Here are the responsibilities in detail:

  • Drive trucks and articulated assemblies weighing more than 4600 kg with three (3) or more axles
  • Monitor all vehicle functions such as condition of equipment, loading, unloading and cargo security
  • See to the maintenance and repairs of vehicles by people designated for this purpose
  • Make sure you have the licenses and other documents required for transporting cargo on the roads
  • Occasionally load the trucks and complete the loading sheets
  • Unload trucks at the warehouse and at customer's, check the delivered goods and complete the required documents
  • Enter information on cargoes, distances traveled, fuel consumption and other information into the logbook or on-board computer
  • Receive and transmit information to the company's dispatcher
  • Make deliveries, as defined by the company protocol
  • Occasionally drive light trucks or other company vehicles for specific purposes


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Apply now