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CVTs have arrived

January 20 2020
CVTs have arrived


BMW/Mini ZF CVT V1, EZL 799, P/N 83-22-0-136-376, P/N 83-22-0-429-154; Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep NS-2, CVTF +4; Daihatsu AMMIX CVT Fluid DC/DFC/DFE; Ford/Lincoln/Mercury CVT23, CVT30, Mercon C, WSS-M2C928-A, WSS-M2C933-A, Motorcraft XT-7-QCFT; GM/GMC/Buick/Saturn DEX-CVT, CVTF I-Green2; Honda/Acura HMMF (w/o starting clutch), HCF2;   Hyundai/Kia CVT-J1; Idemitsu CVTS-EX1; Mazda JWS 3320; Mercedes/Daimler CVT28, MB 236.20; Mitsubishi Diaqueen CVTF J1/J4/J4+; Nissan/Infinity NS-1/2/3; Pennzoil Platinum CVT-2; Punch CVT; Shell Green 1V; Subaru CV-30, e-CVT, i-CVT F/FG, Lineartronic Chain CVTF/CVTF-II, Lineartronic High Torque CVTF, P/N K0425Y0710; Suzuki CVTF TC/3320, NS-2, CVT Green 1/1V/2; Toyota/Lexus/Scion CVTF TC/FE; Valvoline CVT; VW/Audi Multitronic, P/N G-052-516 (TL 521 16), P/N G-052-180 (TL 521 80)