Do we really need electric vehicles to save the planet when APRIL lubricants, professional maintenance, correct tire pressure, stop-start, cruise control, a block heater, gentle acceleration and a maximum speed of 100km/hour can reduce your carbon footprint by 50% immediately while doubling the life of your vehicle?

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EURO exceeds Volkswagen specifications!

November 14 2023
EURO exceeds Volkswagen specifications!

APRIL EURO has you covered!

Made with 100% synthetic pure virgin base oil and APRIL NANO 1™ lubricant technology for unsurpassed protection and performance!

  • EURO 0W-20 for VW 508 00, 509 00
  • EURO 5W-30 for VW 504 00, 507 00 
  • EURO 5W-30 & 5W-40 for VW 502 00, 505 00, 505 01