Do we really need electric vehicles to save the planet when APRIL lubricants, professional maintenance, correct tire pressure, stop-start, cruise control, a block heater, gentle acceleration and a maximum speed of 100km/hour can reduce your carbon footprint by 50% immediately while doubling the life of your vehicle?

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The smallest carbon footprint in Canada!

May 1 2024
The smallest carbon footprint in Canada!

BIO-SYN HEES 32 & 46 are the only hydraulic oils in Canada that are BLUE ANGEL and EU ECOLABEL approved, certifying that they are:

  • made from raw materials of renewable origin
  • meet the strictest technical and environmental requirements in the world
  • comply with sustainable development, health, safety, social and ethical criteria

APRIL BIO-SYN HEES is a superior quality readily biodegradable (>80% in 28 days) hydraulic oil made from synthetic esters, environmentally friendly zinc free additives and APRIL NANO 1™ lubricant technology for unsurpassed protection and performance. It has excellent anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, anti-wear and extreme pressure properties. Recommended for hydraulic systems operating at high pressures and extreme temperatures in areas sensitive to environmental pollution, such as on or near water and aquifers, near water treatment plants, on farmland, in forests and endangered or vulnerable species’ habitats.