Did you know that the use of APRIL synthetic lubricants, professional maintenance, correct tire pressure, stop-start, cruise control, block heaters, gentle acceleration and a maximum speed of 100km/hour reduces the carbon footprint by 50% while doubling the life of a vehicle?

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2-CYCLE TC-W3 <br/>synthetic


Small engine oil

APRIL TC-W3 SYNTHETIC ENGINE OIL is a superior quality 100% synthetic 2-cycle gasoline engine oil made with pure virgin base oil and APRIL NANO 1™ lubricant technology for unsurpassed engine protection, improved fuel economy and easy cold temperature start-up. Suitable for pre-mix and oil injection systems, it is recommended for 2-cycle water-cooled motorcycles, scooters and outboard motors. Not recommended for small air-cooled motors found in chain saws, edge trimmers and leaf blowers. For a 50:1 fuel/oil ratio, mix 100 ml with 5 L of gasoline.