Do we really need electric vehicles to save the planet when APRIL lubricants, professional maintenance, correct tire pressure, stop-start, cruise control, a block heater, gentle acceleration and a maximum speed of 100km/hour can reduce your carbon footprint by 50% immediately while doubling the life of your vehicle?

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GLOBAL DIESEL - long life nitrite-free

GLOBAL DIESEL - long life nitrite-free


APRIL GLOBAL DIESEL LONG LIFE NITRITE-FREE is a superior quality red antifreeze/coolant suitable for all diesel trucks and heavy equipment. It provides up to 1,600,000 km or 8 years protection in a properly maintained cooling system. It meets the nitrite-free coolant requirements of OEMs. The cost of ownership is 68% less than conventional antifreeze. It protects all metal components and is free of 2-EH, amines, borates, nitrites, phosphates and silicates. Formulated with OAT (Organic Acid Technology), it is compatible with other OAT antifreeze/coolants.