How can you reduce your carbon footprint NOW?  It's easy!  Superior quality APRIL lubricants, professional vehicle maintenance, proper tire pressure and gentle acceleration will reduce your carbon footprint immediately by 50% while doubling the life of your vehicle! 

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GLOBAL DIESEL - long life nitrite-free

GLOBAL DIESEL - long life nitrite-free


APRIL GLOBAL DIESEL LONG LIFE NITRITE-FREE is a superior quality red antifreeze/coolant suitable for all diesel trucks and heavy equipment. It provides up to 1,600,000 km or 8 years protection in a properly maintained cooling system. It meets the nitrite-free coolant requirements of OEMs. The cost of ownership is 68% less than conventional antifreeze. It protects all metal components and is free of 2-EH, amines, borates, nitrites, phosphates and silicates. Formulated with OAT (Organic Acid Technology), it is compatible with other OAT antifreeze/coolants.