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Hydraulic oil

APRIL TDH SYN is a superior quality 100% synthetic TDH (Transmission-Differential-Hydraulic) trans-hydraulic fluid made with pure virgin base oil and APRIL NANO 1™ lubricant technology for all-season applications and exceptional tolerance to water contamination. Recommended for CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) and IVT (Infinitely Variable Transmission) tractor transmissions as well as equipment with centralized lubrication of the transmission, differential, final drive, wet brake, wet clutch and hydraulic components.

N.B. TDH is also known as THF (Tractor-Hydraulic-Fluid), UTF (Universal-Tractor-Fluid), UTTO (Universal-Tractor-Transmission-Oil) and UTHF (Universal-Tractor-Hydraulic-Fluid).